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From Jrock Revolution ^_^

Hello everyone!

I wanted to invite all of you who aren't already members to come join us at Jrock Revolution. (Hope you DID vote for USA in the poll we had! XD)

We are based out of California and strive to connect Jrock artists with their overseas fans. We had a blast with our Festival One featuring MUCC, Kagrra,, Miyavi, Vidoll, DuelJewel, alice nine., Despairs'Ray, girugamesh, and Merry. Did you guys go? News about our next festival will be on our site as soon as we have it!

Our forum has a really friendly and positive atmosphere, and we are considering organizing some L.A.-area meetups through there in the future. You can friend this journal if you would like site updates. We have a contest running right now with Festival One clips!

Also, we just launched a special presale of an album produced by YOSHIKI... who is, of course, a Jrocker living in California... XD Please come check it out on the site! This album features songs by YOSHIKI's own VIOLET UK and hide's zilch. We will ship a special bonus with the first five hundred orders. We'll announce what it is next Wednesday.

About me, cause I am in California and this is my first post:

Name: Misha
Location: Santa Monica
Age: I must keep SOME secrets. XD
Favorite artists: Gackt is my top favorite, but I love too many to name!
Clothes: I am really partial to Harajuku t-shirt Engrish.
Other stuff: I'm around on JRR all the time, so feel free to say hello. ^_^

Thank you!

~Misha, Site Coordinator
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