AmourAiguise (amouraiguise) wrote in california_vk,

contact lenses?..and intro

Does anyone know where in the LA.. or central coast area I can get a pair of pale blue contact lenses? (or other crazy lenses) .. or a website recommendation maybe (though it's more fun going to a real store :) ) and my intro...

Location: Santa Barbara
Favorite artists: D'espairs Ray, UnsraW, Calmando Qual, Girugamesh, Gazette, Rentrer en Soi, Sel'm, ネガ 
Clothes:whatever strikes my fancy
Otherstuff: yeh.. there's lots of other stuff :P
Picture... see icon.
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if you know any malls around you that has a store called Bliss, they sell color contacts :3 ah.. and you're picture is awesome ♥

sorry.. that's the only place i know... i can't remember the website of the place that sells the really crazy contacts. D: i fail.
hmm.. I'll have to look for that store.. do they just sell the natural colors.. or do you know if they have the white or black out ones?

and thanks :)
ahh.. it's actually just an accessories store ^ ^" so they only have like.. grey, purple, blue, green, etc... x__x though i reaaally want those ones that make your.. pupil (?) iris (?) bigger.. like.. those anime eyes.. haha XD
Ahh! You're from SB too! That makes me happy to know there are other VKers here. ♥
haha rad... I thought I was the only one around here :)