AmourAiguise (amouraiguise) wrote in california_vk,

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don't hate ..

wow.. this place is dead..

and don't hate me for this but..

is there anyone over 21 in here??? (I'm not agist before you get your panties in a twist.. I'm just feeling hella old around these parts and wondering if there were any other old lady (I'm 27) Jrock fans out there is all..

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D: unfortunately not.. it would be a bit more convenient if i was though~ XD;
hah! I knew there had to be someone!

Funny thing, I'm pretty sure I brought up the same thing when I first made my introduction.
haha.. we're outnumbered it seems :P
Being at JRR confirmed this. >_> A friend of mine that I went with, he's 26, we were making a couple of jokes like, "I wonder how many of these kids we could lure out of their spots if we bought them beer." :x
haha.. so true.. god I felt old at JRR.
where in cali are you?
Currently, I'm in North Bay/Petaluma, which is like, 40 miles North of San Fran, Buuuut, I'm moving in two months to Vacaville, which is still like.. 40 miles away from San Francisco, haha.
God, I know right? I feel like a pedo around here sometimes. Heh.

I'm 28.