☆★STEPH★☆ ミキ 「美姫」 ♪ (kawaii_ja_nai) wrote in california_vk,
☆★STEPH★☆ ミキ 「美姫」 ♪

Just a few updates...

Here are a few events coming up in California, in case some of you have missed them. ^ ^

Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour (D'espairsRay, MUCC, and the Underneath)!
official site

Japan Nite is coming once again to the Hollywood Knitting Factory!
list of bands and tour dates
Japan Nite Myspace

An Cafe announced their World Tour, and will be at Fanime Con'08 in San Jose!
Tour Dates

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I'll be at Taste of Chaos in Long Beach!
yey, me too! ^ ^