☆★STEPH★☆ ミキ 「美姫」 ♪ (kawaii_ja_nai) wrote in california_vk,
☆★STEPH★☆ ミキ 「美姫」 ♪

hello everyone, this is EXTREMELY SUPER LAST MINUTE, BUT..

is anyone interested in buying a ticket for ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS concert in LONG BEACH on April 10th (one week from now~)?

due to circumstances, I can no longer attend, and so I am trying to sell my ticket, which was PRE-ORDERED!! which apparently is a WONDERFUL thing, where you get to go in front of the line and therefore somewhere in the front? SO SAYS THE OFFICIAL SITE. anyways, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me as soon as possible, so I can get the ticket to you as quickly as i can!

as you may know, MUCC, The Underneath, and D'espairsRay will be performing! I paid about $35 but i'm going to be selling it for only $25!!! [I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY]

you can reply here, OR you can e-mail me at:

smyang@ucsd.edu (because i tend to check it more often :])
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